Stock opaque colors are Red, Blue, Light Blue, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green, Berry, Mauve, White and Gold.
Stock transparent and tinted colors are Clear, Clear Frosted, Transparent Blue, Transparent Reflex Blue, Transparent Orange, Transparent Violet, Transparent Pink, Transparent Red, Transparent Yellow and Transparent Green.
On special order and on a made-to-order basis, we also manufacture special opaque and tinted colored plastics, woodgrain plastics in several different woodgrain patterns as well as many different printed plastic products.
Clear and colored chips: You and your customers do not have to compromise on fit any longer.
Hopp manufactures Plastic Chips and Plastic Strips in any length and in all widths, from 1/2″ wide and in any length, from 1/2″ long up to 48″ long, in increments of 1/32.”.
Hopp makes both Clear and the Colored Plastic Shelf Label Chips that are used as Shelf Label Holders, Shelf Label Backers, Shelf Label Overlays, Shelf Label Covers and for Shelf Space Allocation. They both hold and cover UPC, SKU, MSI, Price and all other labels on the store shelf edge moldings.
When using our Plastic Label Chips as label covers or overlays, shelf labels remain clean, sharp looking and readable over any extended period of time.
If using our Plastic Label Chips to hold shelf labels, changing prices is no longer a slow, meticulous and labor intensive job, where labels often rip and require even more time to remove them. If you use our Plastic Chips to hold the shelf labels, cleaning off built up adhesive from shelf edge molding will become a thing of the past.
Plastic Label Chips are also often used for space allocation to designate specific product locations. They are both economical and durable.
For customer convenience and ultimate savings, we wrap them in our Re-Sealable Packs. This method of packaging is unique, saves labor at the store level upon installation, allows personnel to close a partially used pack to avoid waste and facilitates neat and convenient storage.

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