Plastic BACK TAG and HANG TAG LABEL HOLDERS are used to hold tags and labels on the pegboard hooks in stores. They hold UPC, SKU, MSI, Price, Inventory Control and all other adhesive backed tags and labels, either behind, in front of or on top of the hooks.
We make them with one or more holes and with or without slits. Slits allow personnel to attach or remove the HANG TAGS without removing products from displays. Two and three hole BACK TAGS hold labels behind and above the merchandise on the peg hooks.
This method of packaging saves labor at the store level upon installation, allows personnel to close a partially used pack to avoid waste and facilitates neat and convenient storage.

HANG TAG & BACK TAG LABEL HOLDERS are packed in Hopp’s unique Re-Sealable Packs.
Backtag and Hangtag Label Holders are available in ALL SIZES and ALL COLORS.
backtag hangtag label holders