From the buyer for a national wine and liquor distributor

It has been our distinct pleasure utilizing Hopp Companies services and products over the course of our doing business together. Mr. Robert Hopp has always been very helpful when we’ve called upon him for his expertise. His friendly and professional nature has always been what keeps us coming back to him for materials and recommendations for whatever our needs are. Robert has always provided us with the best services and pricing obtainable. It is a pleasure doing business with such a helpful organization such as hopp Companies. Our intention is to continue long into the future.

From an Idaho based supermarket supplier

We have been a customer of Hopp Companies over the past twelve years. During that time, we have received excellent products and outstanding customer service. The orders that we have placed will usually ship the same day! Hopp’s products are competitively priced and are always in stock. Hopp is continually adding new products to their extensive line and will inform us of these new products and will give us the opportunity to obtain samples. We would highly recommend Hopp Companies to any business.

From the buyer for a division of a major wholesale drug distributor

The Hopp Company – products and customer services are outstanding. The customer service team is always willing to go above and beyond to help me come up with ideas for special projects I may have. The day to day items I use are always readily available. I highly recommend their services and products for any consumer retail needs.

From the Accounts Manager for a major candy and snack food manufacturer

I am writing today to thank you for being a valued business partner. You always process my orders thoroughly, accurately and in a timely manner. I am also impressed with your quick follow up. Your product quality is excellent and I have not found a supplier of shelf “chips” and “strips” that has a more wide selection. Thank you again for your help in being a valued partner.

From a major food manufacturer

Bob – Your company has provided superior materials, delivered on time, for our retail implementation. Your products are durable and have been used in several C-Store outlets. Thanks again for your support in supplying us with your products.

From a major office and school supply company

I wanted to let you know that the service that has been provided by Hopp Companies has been outstanding. The products provided are some that we have not been able to find elsewhere. The customer service side at Hopp Companies is always outstanding, especially in regards to the quick responses when we need to get pricing or any other information on products. We always appreciate the hard work that Hopp Companies provides.

From the owner of a California based Store Supply Company

The Webster dictionary describes the word Outstanding to mean Standing Apart, Prominent, Nobel or Superior. I can attest to the above to describe the service received from Hopp Companies. Quotes are sent within hours by fax, followed by a copy in the Ll.S, mail. Samples are sent out as requested to their customers within twenty four hours. There has never been a mistake on the invoice since our inception of business seventeen years ago. Bob has protected his distributors by not giving quotes if he is already doing business with a current distributor calling on a mutual customer, I find that to be an outstanding way of conducting business. Loyalty can not be purchased. Custom product is not a dirty word. Innovation has been a hallmark of growth between our companies; Because merchandising at store level is personal, Hopp has met the challenges of design in a timely manner. Every customer wants their product delivered yesterday. On time delivery has always been met and there has never been a backorder to any shipment. I look forward to years of continual business between or companies.

From a major wholesale drug and HBC distributor

I have been doing business with Bob Hopp for approximately 27 years, with several different Drug Wholesalers, beginning with Amerisource, Walsh-Dohmen, Dohmen, and now with H.D. Smith based in Springfield, Illinois. I have always appreciated the personal service and genuine appreciation that Bob Hopp and Joe Fontana have so often expressed in our many phone conversations, Hopp Companies has always provided me with excellent products at a fair price, what more can any of us ask for.

From the owner of a large Natural Foods Supermarket

Robert, I would like to thank you for the great service your company has provided us over the many years we have been doing business with you. I have made mistakes on my orders in the past and your company was more than willing to work with me. This is not the case with a good majority of the companies I deal with. Your outstanding products and customer service are the best I have found in the 13 years I have been with the Harvest House. It’s always a pleasure doing business with you. Keep up the good work!

From an area sales manager of a major international convenience store supply company

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my total satisfaction with your line of products. As an area sales manager for a major grocery supplier, dealing within the c-store environment one, of my many responsibilities, is to coordinate the resetting of the “center of store” edible and non-edible grocery products. During these projects, we not only set the sections to specific plan o grams or modules, we also affix “mylar tags” for each item, to identify the items on the shelf for re-ordering purposes. The “mylar tags” are placed into the channel of each respective shelf. Our reset crew uses your plastic channel stripping, as I call them, into the channel prior to affixing the “mylar tags”. The strips come in various exciting colors, which enhance the overall esthetic value of the sets. The contrast of the plastic stripping color, versus the color of the fixtures, makes the sets pop! Our reset crew also use your small plastic clear “chips”, again as I call them, to affix the “mylar tags” to them prior to inserting them into the shelf channel. This allows the store personnel to easily remove, and relocate an item, if they wish to make a change. In closing, I want to thank you for consistently providing a quality and durable product. I look forward to using your product again and again!

From a State’s ABC Board

Joe at Hopp Companies has been a great help to my company. with calls and products. They have a lot of merchandise we use at a good price. I am glad we are using them. We’ve been a customer for about 2 years. Thanks Joe for your help.

From a DECA Commissary Manager

I have used Hopp’s products for at least nine years now. Our store requires large and small clear label backings, because we back every store label we put out. So, I place orders every quarter. The Hopp Companies response to my orders has always been beyond reproach. My orders are shipped immediately, and are high quality products. I have always appreciated Mr. Hopp’s personal attention to his customers. He often calls me just to make sure I am well stocked. With the economy now, our store has lost employees while increasing all our duties. His phone calls or emails help remind me to check on my stock before running out. I highly recommend The Hopp Companies. They carry a wide variety of products at reasonable prices.

From the owner of an international store supply company

Hopp does a great job executing orders. Most of our orders ship within a day of the order.

From the buyer for a major international wholesale drug and HBC distributor

It is with great pleasure that I may recommend Hopp Companies, Inc. I have known Bob Hopp and his staff for over 10 years. Hopp Companies have always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and customer care. They are definitely a leader in their respective field of expertise. In addition to timely shipments and excellent quality of goods, customer service is outstanding. They have helped our company over the years with many styles of magnets and signage vital to ensuring our own customer care and excellence. Hopp Companies would be an asset to any organization as a partner and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.