A. We normally stock at least 22 different colors of plastic.

A. Upon request and depending on the quantities needed we will make any special color plastic, wood grain finished plastic and all printed colors too. In addition, if needed, we can source out many different decorator colored and patterned plastics.

A. We ship most orders on the same day that we receive them.

A. Hopp Companies, Inc. has been in business since 1996: 22 years.. The owner of Hopp Companies has been in the business of supplying plastic and magnetic merchandising aids, pricing supplies and printed plastic products for more than 30 years.

A. Our plastic chips and strips are made to order. Our unique manufacturing methods allow us to ship most orders on the same day we receive orders. Most of our other products: shelf edge moldings, magnetic chips, wire fixture label holders, are usually in stock and ship the same day too.

A. All of our products can be custom made to each customers’ specifications, with different sizes, shapes and colors.. Please contact us at 800-889-8425 or email us for more information.

A. Our product prices are quantity, size, and color related. Please contact us at 800-889-8425 or email us for more information and prices.

A. We can drop-ship orders to anywhere in the world: whether we drop ship to 1 or 1,000 or more addresses.

A. Unless you specify differently, depending on the size of the order, we ship by UPS and by LTL truck. We always search for the lowest rates and best service available.

A. We produce literally thousands of various sizes, colors and items. Because our products are always increasing and so many of them are custom made, we cannot offer a catalog. If asked we will send you a free custom made and up to date sample box. Please contact us at 800-889-8425 or email us for more information and for samples.

A. Our normal terms are Net 30 days. We also accept VISA & MASTER CARD credit and debit cards and can ship COD, cash in advance and electronic wire transfer of funds too.

A. Our main factory and offices are in 3 Simm Lane Suite 2A2 Newtown, CT 06470. Because we make our products in the USA, shipping time and costs are low.

A. Orders may be placed on the phone, via fax or via Email. We also accept orders placed via EDI: our EDI partners are GroceryEC.com and Advanced Data Exchange.

A. If we make an error in either order processing or in the production of an order, we will issue full credit for merchandise being returned to us and will arrange for our products to be picked up at no cost to our customer. We will then gladly replace the wrong merchandise with the right merchandise.
If a customer makes an error in ordering the wrong item, size or color from us, we will usually accommodate the customer by accepting the return, usually charging a 20% return handling fee, if merchandise is shipped back to us at the customer’s expense.
All returns must have prior approval and must be returned with an RM number written prominently on all cartons. Call us at (800) 889-8425 or send us an email.