As A Reliable Leader in POP Supply Industry

Retail buyers, managers and owners are not shy about expressing their gratitude to Hopp Companies (, a leading manufacturer and designer of Point of Purchase (POP) in-store marketing, merchandising and pricing supplies.

I can attest to the (outstanding) service (delivered by) Hopp Companies, wrote the owner of a California-based store supply company. Quotes that we request are sent within hours by fax, followed by a copy in the mail. Samples are sent out as requested within 24 hours. There has never been a mistake on the invoice since our inception of business 17 years ago.

Custom (designed) product is a source of pride for Hopp Companies, and innovation has been a hallmark of growth between our companies, the owner added. Because merchandising at the store level is personal, Hopp Companies has met the challenges of (attractive and accurate) designs in a timely manner. Every customer wants their product delivered yesterdayġ(and) on time delivery has always been met. (And) there has never been a backorder to any shipment. I look forward to years of continual business between our companies.

Point of purchase supplies from Hopp Companies are used by supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware outlet, drug stores, warehouse stores, and liquor stores, just to name a few. These products enable retailers to give more items more prominent presence and visibility.

An executive with a major wholesale drug, health and beauty chain distributor who has been doing business with Hopp Companies for 27 years wrote, I have always appreciated the personal service and genuine appreciation that (Hopp company executive) have so often expressed in our (frequent) phone conversations. (And, they) have always provided us with excellent products at a fair price. What more can we ask for?

By utilizing Hopp Companies vast, comprehensive assortment of clear and colored plastic store shelf edge label holders and label covers in all sizes.  Retailers can make every section of their facility stand out that much more. Products that enable retail facilities to make shopping easier and less of a chore include back tags, clear and colored plastic chips, clear and colored shelf strips, pegboard and slatwall hooks, and label and plastic chips.

Based in New Hyde Park on Long Island, New York, Hopp Companies is renowned for producing effective Point Of Purchase (POP), in-store marketing, merchandising, pricing, sales aids that make in-store displays stand out for retail outlets, suppliers, distributors and warehouses throughout the U.S.

For more information or to place an order or obtain a quote, please contact Hopp Companies via Email (, phone (800 889-8425 or 516 3584170) or fax (516 3598-4178).