Plastic Shelf Strips

Plastic Shelf Strips are the basics of in-store marketing. They are extremely useful because they provide the backing for price tags.  Most people are quick to overlook their importance simply because they are so simple; however, they allow all types of stores the flexibility and creativity to organize their shelves in the way that they want to. Hopp Companies provides many different colors and sizes of our Plastic Shelf Strip, as well as customizable options to help your business utilize POP displays in an exclusive fashion.

Shelf strips come in many different sizes and colors. We provide Plastic Strips that are durable, and we can adjust the thickness according to you. The common thicknesses for the plastic shelf strips that we sell are .0075” and .010 inches thick. The .0075” thickness can be used just as a simple backing for shelf edges. These slip easily in and out for your convenience. Our .010” thick Shelf Strips are even more strong and secure. They can last months without wear and will keep your shelves looking as clean as ever and can be replaced easily in order to keep your shelves clean and grit-free.

When you order, you can choose your preference for the length of our Plastic Shelf Strips, which are: 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches, or you can customize the length and height to fit your specific needs. These lengths are ideal for most shelves, but many of our customers prefer our newest innovation—our Plastic Shelf Strip Roll. We created the Roll in order to work in a similar way as a tape roll. This allows the customer to cut their own lengths for their strips as they would like so they can accommodate for the length of their shelves. To further fit the dimension of your store shelf edges, you can choose from either 1.21875”, 1.235”, and 1.25” wide Strips. We offer the flexibility to create any size of Plastic Strips needed; in the end, no matter which size of strip that you chose, our plastic strips will always look clean and sleek on your shelf edges!

Lastly, we also sell Colored Plastic Strips. We provide a wide variety of colors for both transparent and opaque strips including all the basic colors. We also give our customers the option to personalize the colors to their personal preference, or to simply ask for tinted strips. A lot of our customers people like the look of the Clear Strips, but the Colored Strips always give a fresh look and can make your products stand out more. Many of our customers like to use our Colored Plastic Shelf Strips in order to represent their store colors or to celebrate different holidays— such as red and green Plastic Strips for Christmas; pink and red Plastic Shelf Strips for Valentine’s Day; or even red, white, and blue Plastic Shelf Strips for the Fourth of July. Our Colored Plastic Strips are only available in .010” thickness, but you can still choose what dimensions of height and width that you need!

Whether you chose the thicker or thinner strips, the roll or the ready-cut strips, or clear or colored, Hopp Companies, Inc. can give your shelf edges a sleek finish that your store needs!