Hopp Companies Plastic Back Tag Label Holders

Retail store buyers, managers and owners are thrilled they can rely on Hopp Companies (https://hoppcompanies.com/) to create effective Point of Purchase (POP) signage and displays. These include plastic back tag label holders that are hold tags and labels in place on pegboard hooks to display information such as UPC, SKU, MSI, pricing, and inventory control and may be positioned behind, in front of or atop the inventory on pegboard hooks. These self-adhesive back tag holders can be placed behind, in front of or atop inventory on pegboard hooks using paper back tags or product labels. They enable retailers to help customers locate accurate price and product information.


Hopp Companies provides its signage and displays for supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware outlet, drug stores, warehouse stores, and liquor stores (just to name a few) to enhance prominence, presence and visibility. For more information or to place an order, please contact Hopp Companies via Email (sales@HoppCompanies.com), phone (800 889-8425 or 516 3584170) or fax (516 3598-4178). The company is New Hyde Park on Long Island, New York.