“Hopp Shop” Graphics & Service A Bonus

For Retailers Who Want Displays to Stand Out

That bonus is access to the “Hopp Shop”, the firm’s turnkey graphics and design department which enables retailers’ displays to stand out. Clients have access to a huge library of designs, graphic options, and finishes that make a significant difference for a retailer store’s shoppers.

The “Hopp Shop” helps clients choose the perfect color scheme, paper quality and layout to compliment and highlight their retail inventory. They will also customize and personalize many options to display in retail stores, including abstract designs, and wood grain and metallic finishes to make your products even more appealing and effective.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Hopp Companies via Email (sales@HoppCompanies.com), phone (800 889-8425 or 516 3584170) or fax (516 3598-4178). Hopp Companies, which produces effective and attractive tools to help with Point of Purchase (POP) sales and displays, is based in New Hyde Park on Long Island, New York.