Hopp Companies Telescoping Poles

Help Retailers “Reach New Heights”

Retail store managers are always looking for a way to quickly, move and restock items while “reaching new heights” in their stores and warehouses. That’s why they rely on Hopp Companies (https://hoppcompanies.com/) to produce telescoping poles that helps to quickly move merchandise safely out of the way.

Instead of wasting time setting up ladders and traversing dangerous steps, store personnel can now quickly and safely switch out their merchandise for sales as well as the changing seasons. These poles also assist in the placement of banners to high ceilings for easier shopper location and reading, as well as creating more uniform looking displays.

These durable telescoping poles will also help with tasks such as dusting, hanging holiday lights, changing light bulbs, washing window, painting, and cleaning.

For more information or to place an order, please contact Hopp Companies via Email (sales@HoppCompanies.com), phone (800 889-8425 or 516 3584170) or fax (516 3598-4178). Hopp Companies, which produces effective and attractive tools to help with Point of Purchase (POP) sales and displays, is based in New Hyde Park on Long Island, New York.