When Retailers Order POP In-Store Supplies 

What makes the difference when a retailer has to choose which company will create and provide them with effective in-store supplies of Point of Purchase (POP) for signage and displays

Hopp Companies (https://hoppcompanies.com/) thinks it has the answer. A leading maker of marketing, merchandising, pricing, and sales aid displays, employees of the “Hopp Shop” believe that graphics make the difference.

For example, the Hopp Shop can provide its retail customers with a huge library of designs, graphic options, and finishes that enable them to choose the perfect color scheme, paper quality and layout to compliment and highlight their inventory.

Hopp Companies will also customize and personalize many options to display in retail stores, including abstract designs, and wood grain and metallic finishes to make POP products even more appealing and effective.

This will ensure that retailers’ POP displays will be inviting to customers, and will help them easily locate pricing for each item. These unique display options offer the perfect shelving strips, price tag holders and related POP materials to meet the needs of retailers.

Because the Hopp Shop is part of a leading edge North American manufacturing operation, the retailer’s order can be quickly finalized for production and then built to ship with a minimum amount of time spent merely laying around the loading dock.

Hopp Companies also provides unparalleled customer service, including live support for all questions, concerns and needs. Retail customers are reassured that they can count on an experienced staff to customize and tailor products to their target customers.

Hopp Companies’ attractive merchandising and pricing supplies are used by supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware outlet, drug stores, warehouse stores, and liquor stores, just to name a few. These products enable retailers to give more items more prominent presence and visibility.

The Hopp family has produced in-store supplies and signage for more than 100 years. Brothers Herman and Leo Hopp started the company back in 1893 by making cardboard and paper signs with price numbers for use in grocery stores. Their commitment to quality continues to this day under the astute leadership of Owner Robert Hopp.

Hopp Companies is a leading manufacturer of point of in store supplies for point of purchase (POP), marketing, merchandising, pricing, and sales aid displays for all types of retail stores, suppliers, distributors and warehouses. Based in New Hyde Park in Long Island, New York, the company boasts a leadership team with many years of industry experience.


For more information or to place an order, please contact Hopp Companies via Email (sales@HoppCompanies.com), phone (800 889-8425 or 516 3584170) or fax (516 3598-4178).  Most orders are shipped on the same day they are received.