Customers who shop in retail establishments benefit from the use of colored plastic label chips made by Hopp Companies, Inc. These durable colored plastic label chips help shoppers locate specific items because they may be used as shelf label holders or label backers, label overlays, and label covers. They also help the retailer maintain compelling shelf space allocation.

Hopp Companies’ colored plastic label chips, which are versatile and provide clear communication to the shopper, may be used to hold UPC, SKU, MIS, Price and related label information to help provide clear communication of valuable product data. When these colored label chips are used as label covers or overlays, the store’s shelf labels remain clean, sharp looking and readable, particularly for an extended period of time.

Hopp Companies’ colored plastic chip labels are available in red, blue, light blue, beige, yellow, orange, black, green, berry, mauve, white and gold. They are also available all widths starting with ½”, and in lengths from ½” to 48” (in increments of 1/32”).

In order to provide optimum convenience for store personnel, colored plastic chips from Hopp Companies are wrapped in re-sealable packs to promote ease of storage and repeated usage.

Hopp Companies is a leading manufacturer of in-store supplies for Point of Purchase (POP) displays that increase presence and visibility for merchandise and sales events.
For more information or to place an order, please contact Hopp Companies via Email (, phone (800 889-8425 or 516 3584170) or fax (516 3598-4178). Hopp Companies, which produces effective and attractive tools to help with Point of Purchase (POP) sales and displays, is based in New Hyde Park on Long Island, New York.