Plastic Shelf Strips

plastic-shelf-stripsHopp Companies manufactures both Clear and Colored Plastic Shelf Strips. They are attractive, durable and economical.

Colored Plastic Shelf Strips are sometimes used as space allocation strips. They are often used to help to highlight in-store and corporate special promotions. They add a very special design element to any store.

Clear Plastic Shelf Strips often cover entire sections of labels in the Price Channel moldings, keeping the labels clean and less prone to being moved and shifted around by kids and by careless shoppers.

We stock shelf strips, elastic banded in 100′s and packed in cases of 1,000. Special packing is always available: 100 per box, boxes of mixed colors and different quantities of each color and so forth.



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Stock opaque colors are Red, Blue, Light Blue, Beige, Yellow, Orange, Black, Green, Berry, Mauve and White.

Stock transparent colors are Clear, Clear Frosted, Transparent Blue, Transparent Reflex Blue, Transparent Orange, Transparent Violet, Transparent Pink, Transparent Red, Transparent Yellow and Transparent Green.

On special order and on made-to-order basis, we also manufacture special opaque and tinted colored shelf strips, and wood grain plastic shelf strips in several different woodgrain patterns.




Godiva-lg2You and your customers do not have to compromise on fit any longer. Hopp manufactures Plastic Chips and Plastic Strips in any length and in all widths, from 1/2″ wide and in any length, from 1/2″ long up to 48″ long, in increments of 1/32″.

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