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Plastic chip

Plastic chip refers to a piece of plastic of ANY color of your choice to which a price label is adhered. Plastic chips are easy to use and dispose of at very low cost.


Back Tags and Hang Tags

Back tags and Hang Tags are for quick in store installation of new pricing or restoring old pricing. Back tags and Hang Tags are easy to save tags that the tag can adhere to. The remaining tags easily store until you need them.


Shelf Edge Moldings & C Channel Label Holders

Slip your pricing label into a neat frame using a Shelf Edge Moldings .Shelf edge moldings provide a practical and uniform framework for product information.


Plastic Shelf Strips

Use plastic shelf strips to alert customers to special promotions. Plastic shelf strips in different colors can be used to dedicate a section for special items. Protect the pricing labels from sticky or careless hands with plastic shelf strips.