Hopp Companies Manufacturer of Retail Store Sales and Display Products

Hopp Companies is a reliable supplier that has an amazing assortment of
Point-of-Sale In Store Supplies, Marketing, Merchandising, Pricing, and Sales Aids.

Our goal is to help our customers to save time and money at store level upon the installation and changing of prices. We are the source for quality in-store point-of-sale merchandising and pricing supplies. Hopp specializes in giving the best service and right products in right size and the right color.

Our specialty products division will make most any kind of printed, die-cut and formed plastic product from rigid or flexible plastic and magnetic products.

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Label Holders

Keep your shelves organized with our custom fit and custom color label holders. We offer our customers flexibility in creating label holders to their specifications for the perfect presentation.



Plastic Shelf Strips

Highlight your special promotions with our custom fit and custom color Plastic Shelf Strips. Draw customer attention to your products with a clean and attractive display.



Magnetic Products

Arrange and identify your products easily on your metal bins and racks. Available in all sizes.





Effortlessly display your product for maximum profits. Easily position your peg board hooks or slat wall hooks to create attractive presentations of your merchandise.



Custom Made Products

Get your company and brand noticed with our custom made sales and display products and custom printed products.


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